Shop Notes




Shop Notes
    This page contains notes about topics that may be of interest to other woodturners.    

    Dust Management
    This Shop Note is devoted to dust "management."  No, that's not a typo: dust management better describes the activity than does dust "control."  Dust is one of two on-going concerns I have about woodturning.  The other is wood spinning off the lathe and thrashing around my studio, the effects of which are experienced immediately...(READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE) (Includes pictures)

    Shop-Made Strip Sander  I recently needed a strip sander for a small project I was working on.  I never needed one prior to this and wasn’t sure of how much I’d need one once I completed the project.  After pricing 1 inch and 2 inch models from Craftsman and Delta, I decided to build one. (READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE) (Includes pictures)

    My Studio Layout  I have always had a personal curiosity about how other woodturners organize their workspaces.  When I visit with other Gulf Coast Woodturners, or when I am browsing woodturning sites on the Internet, shop/studio organization is of interest to me.  I have picked up a lot of ideas in the process, some of which have found their way into my own studio.  (READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE) (Includes pictures)

    My Experience with Ron Kent's Experimental Wood Treatment  I've been trying Ron Kent's experimental wood treatment that involves the use of diluted dishwashing detergent.  If you aren't familiar with this technique, there's no point learning about it second-hand from me--click here and read about it from Ron himself.  If you are familiar with it, but haven't tried it, read on and I'll share my personal (although somewhat limited) experiences with you.  (READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE)