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Enhanced Turnings 

    Items turned from many wood species, (e.g., walnut and mahogany), most burls and wood that has spalted, need nothing other than a coat of oil and wax to bring out their beauty.  Other woods can be bland (e.g., sweetgum and pecan that has not spalted) and often lend themselves to surface enhancement. 

    I admit to having a fascination with enhancing the surface of many of my turnings.  The turned item becomes a canvass for me to use paint, aniline dyes, India ink, metal leaf, powder metal patinas, and Inlace (epoxy with colored aggregate) to embellish the surface of my work. 

    Here are some representative samples of these efforts.  

    Pecan w Metal Leaf.jpg (62946 bytes)     Painted Pecan Bowl w Metal Leaf Rim.jpg (67185 bytes)  Spalted Pecan w carved & painted rim.jpg (68533 bytes)     Mahogany Platter.jpg (61013 bytes)    

    Spalted Pecan w Charred Rim.jpg (88295 bytes)     Pecan w Art Deco Painted Rim.jpg (58460 bytes)     Mahogany w Black Rim.jpg (64139 bytes)     Pecan w Veneer & Plug Inlays.jpg (49977 bytes)    

    Elm Dish-Painted.jpg (37194 bytes)     Pecan w Multi-Color Painted Rim.jpg (66145 bytes)     Pecan Bowl w Leaf Motif.jpg (66515 bytes)     Spalted Pecan w Gold Metal Leaf Center.jpg (35977 bytes)    

              Painted Pecan Bowl.jpg (128289 bytes)     Large Mesquite Bowl.jpg (101127 bytes)    

    Pecan w Routed & Painted Rim.jpg (51582 bytes)     Painted Ash Bowl.jpg (63257 bytes)     Patinted and Carved Sweetgum Bowl.jpg (76577 bytes)     Multicolor Pecan Bowl w Black Rim.jpg (88823 bytes)

    Spalted Sweetgum Bowl1.jpg (83282 bytes)         

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