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Segmented Turnings
    I began woodturning in 1995 on a ShopSmith, a multi-purpose machine that can be set up as a lathe.  Because the ShopSmith was not designed for out-of-balance work, much of my earlier work was "segmented," that is made from pieces of wood glued together.  By constructing segmented rings and then gluing them together, I was able to begin the turning process with reasonably pre-balanced items. 

    In 1996, I purchased a Oneway 2036 lathe (see Equipment).  Its overall sturdiness, torque and weight (about 850 pounds) permits me to manage out-of-balance logs with ease.  As a result, I now predominantly use "green" wood, i.e., recently cut wood that has a high-moisture content.  The items are rough-turned, allowed to dry and then remounted and turned to final form. 

    I largely abandoned the segmented technique after I acquired the Oneway lathe, but am now beginning to explore it again because I enjoy the end result. 

    Here are a few segmented items that I have done.  You will find a couple more in Special Items.

     AshWalnutMahogany.jpg (48995 bytes)

    Poplar Bowl.jpg (39653 bytes)     Ash & Padauk Bowl.jpg (41177 bytes)     Padauk & Red Oak.jpg (53865 bytes)     Poplar Laminate.jpg (40069 bytes)

    Padauk-Bass Candlesticks.jpg (84171 bytes)     Red Oak-Ebony Candlesticks2.jpg (85872 bytes)

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