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Hollow Forms 
    While making a bowl is Woodturning 101, creating a hollow form is Advanced Woodturning.  It requires special skills and special tools.  Patience is also an asset because cutting is often done in areas that cannot be easily viewed.  I am still honing my skills with hollow forms, but here are a few of the open and closed items I have created thus far.  There are some additional ones displayed in Special Items.

    Spalted Southern Maple Hollow Form.jpg (88083 bytes)     Red Cedar Vase.jpg (68017 bytes)     Pecan Hollow Form w Pyrodex Accents.jpg (95506 bytes)    

    Red Oak Hollow Form w Painted Rim.jpg (79010 bytes)     Spalted Hickory Vases.jpg (203463 bytes)

         Walnut Hollow Form.jpg (83547 bytes)     Northern Maple Hollow Form.jpg (34203 bytes)     Ash Hollow Form w Patina.jpg (43972 bytes)     

    Pecan Hollow Form w worm hole.jpg (66622 bytes)     Carved Spalted Pecan Hollow Form.jpg (53950 bytes)

    Lg Spalted Silver Leaf Maple HF.jpg (78143 bytes)     Spalted Hickory Hollow Form w Hi Gloss Finish.jpg (67186 bytes)              

              Spalted Pecan with Metal Leaf and Patina.jpg (98895 bytes)

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