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Just Bowls 
    Bowls are woodturners' most repeated form. That is probably because much of the raw material we use (green wood or cured blanks) lends itself to the bowl shape. Whether they are destined for an art gallery or for everyday use, bowls are enjoyable to make.  

    Here are representative samples of ones that I have made.

    Large Poplar Burl Bowl1.jpg (76307 bytes)    Lg Port Arthur Spalted Pecan Bowl.jpg (105399 bytes)    Poplar Bowl w Unusual Coloring1.jpg (74944 bytes)       

    Hackberry.jpg (56094 bytes)    Birdseye Elm.jpg (52482 bytes)    Spalted Bradford Pear.jpg (50754 bytes)    Alice's Bowl.jpg (44057 bytes)     

    Spalted Hickory.jpg (48832 bytes)    Spalted Pecan w 1-8 Sidewall.jpg (43889 bytes)    Pecan w Unusual Coloring.jpg (42352 bytes)    Sycamore2.jpg (40231 bytes)     

    Cedar Elm.jpg (42911 bytes)    Spalted Pecan w Worm Holes.jpg (64115 bytes)    Red Oak w Carved Rim.jpg (83478 bytes)    Poplar Salad Bowl.jpg (84289 bytes)   

     Mimosa Bowl w Ringed Rim.jpg (70085 bytes)   Spalted Hackberry w Worm Holes2.jpg (62299 bytes)     Highly Spalted Pecan.jpg (42094 bytes)  




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