Shop Notes




One of the reasons people like woodturning, I believe, is that it gives them an excuse to buy equipment and tools!  I am certainly an addict. (Thatís another fun aspect of my hobbyóbuying equipment and tools!)

The heart of my system is a Oneway lathe. The model I own is a 2036. I was one of the first woodturners in the United States to recognize the superiority of this Canadian-built machine.  I own serial number 22 from the first production batch.

The lathe is capable of swinging a 20 inch inch piece of wood over the bed and 36 inches between centers. This is the inboard capacity of the lathe.

Itís also capable of swinging a 44 inch piece of wood on the outboard side of the lathe. (The outboard lathe bed, tool post and tool rest are not shown in the above picture.) If you can visualize a piece of wood that is 20 inches thick and 36 inches long, or a piece that is 44 inches in diameter (think of a BIG log here), you might assume either piece of wood would be a tad heavy. You would be correct in your assumption. To get pieces of wood that large on the lathe, I use an overhead hoisting system. However, most of the wood that I use does not require that degree of effort. 
You can learn more about Oneway lathes and equipment by visiting their web site available from the Links page. The above image is only for example purposes and is copyrighted by Oneway Manufacturing.